Bali Destination Wedding: Ultimate Guide For Perfect Wedding

Bali Destination Wedding: Ultimate Guide For Perfect Wedding

Bali has many destination weddings that you can freely choose from, you can customize whether it’s with a concept vision, budget, or certain details. Choose between luxury hotels, resorts, villas, and other popular wedding destinations in Bali. So that you can choose the best Bali destination wedding, then you can refer to the following article.

3 Key Focuses in Choosing Bali Destination Wedding

As an initial guide, you need to consider certain focuses so that you don’t make the mistake of choosing a Bali Indonesia destination wedding. Consider wedding venues based on location, budget, and comfort aspects. Check out more details in the following points:

– Destination Wedding Location

There are many interesting locations in Bali that you can consider as your wedding venue. To be different from the norm, you might be interested in choosing a unique location. Many couples get married on the cliff area to get an incredible view of the beautiful beach.

Some prefer a quieter, rural location with refreshing shades of green. But you can also consider having your wedding in a luxurious indoor space if that’s what you need. All of them have their advantages in terms of comfort, uniqueness, visuals, and other aspects.

But what shouldn’t be overlooked is security and safety. Make sure the access is safe enough for every guest to pass through. Wedding guests can be very diverse, children must be able to access the wedding location easily and safely. Similarly, elderly guests may find it difficult if the access is not easy to pass.

Many areas in Bali are rich in tourism potential and often become destination wedding Bali for many people. The southern area of Bali is an area that is quite crowded with tourists. While Ubud is a cultural and tourist area in Bali that is quite quiet. You can determine the ideal location for yourself, especially if you want to travel at the same time.

You can also consider private villas that provide wedding venues. Some of these villas even provide wedding packages so that it can be easier for you. In choosing a wedding location, it is better not to forget to make sure that the landscape is beautiful enough as a beautiful wedding background.

– Budget Wedding

Another focus in deciding on a Bali destination wedding is the budget. Some venues require you to pay more while there are also wedding venues in Bali that are more cost-effective. From the selection of the wedding location, it can be quite influential on the money you have to spend.

First of all, you must know the capacity needs of your wedding guests. You must ensure that the venue you choose has a large enough area if there are a lot of guests. Besides considering the guest capacity, you can save Bali destination wedding cost by choosing the most ideal venue. A five-star hotel or a five-star resort might not be something you want to consider if you want to save money.

To save your wedding budget, you can consider having your wedding in private villas. Bali has many villas that can provide an amazing experience for your wedding moment. Most of the villas are located in areas with stunning panoramic views of the beach, hills, mountains, or riverside. But you have to consider the guest capacity, as villas may be more limited in guest capacity compared to resorts or hotels.

Choosing a Bali destination wedding should be based on detailed budget management. If your budget is limited, maybe you need to be smarter in choosing the venue. By saving on venue costs, you can maximize other elements such as wedding catering, videography, or other accommodations.

– Comfort Aspects

The more comfortable it is, the better it is for indoor or outdoor weddings. Many people consider outdoor Bali destination wedding to maximize the stunning panoramic views of Bali. Ensuring guest comfort at an outdoor wedding may be more complex than an indoor wedding.

Access to the outdoor venue space must be ensured to be comfortable enough both in terms of distance from the parking area, as well as the quality of infrastructure. It will be more convenient if the lodging area is close to the location of the specific wedding venue. If there are items left behind, then guests do not need to walk too far from where they are staying.

Choosing a villa as your Bali destination wedding is highly recommended. Usually, the location of the wedding venue and the location of the villa are close together so that it can make access easier, faster, and more comfortable.

Make sure the venue you choose is also able to provide other facilities that can support extra comfort. Even if you want to hold an outdoor wedding, make sure the cooling and toilet facilities are adequate.

Specific Advanced Tips in Choosing Bali Destination Wedding

Everyone’s specific wedding needs may vary. Therefore, some of the following advanced tips might help you with your specific Bali destination wedding needs:

– Consider Venues In Local Residential Areas

If you want a cheaper venue, then you can consider wedding venues that are close to residential areas. In other words, this is an area that is less strategic because it is quite far from the city. Even so, you can get a treat of a calm and fresh rural feel.

You don’t have to worry about infrastructure and facilities because many wedding venues located in rural areas or local settlements already have adequate facilities. Since the area is not strategically close to the city, it is usually cheaper. In addition to cheap venue rentals, you can also save money when shopping at restaurants or shops there.

– Don’t Rush To Choose A Charming Resort Or Hotel

You can find many resorts and hotels with a charming and luxurious look. Holding a wedding at such a venue can certainly provide a unique experience. But you need to spend more money on such beautiful and charming venues.

Not all resorts or hotels require you to pay a premium but higher than other venues especially outdoor venues. So consider avoiding such venues for your ideal Bali destination wedding. Take your time, don’t rush when choosing your wedding venue.

To anticipate mistakes in choosing a wedding venue, make sure you have enough time before D-day so that you can prepare everything as much as possible.

– Consider A Minimalist Venue

If your wedding guest capacity is not too large, then consider a minimalist or smaller venue. A wedding venue area that is too large will be unfortunate if your wedding guest capacity is not too large. You may be interested in a private villa that can accommodate not only lodging but also a wedding venue.

Bali has many villas with stunning views and adequate facilities. To make sure the capacity is appropriate, you can ask the villa manager about the capacity of guests that can be accommodated in the villa area.

– Consider Venues With Wedding Package Deals

There are times when using Bali destination wedding package deals can save you money. But you need to read the details of what is provided in the package. Avoid services in the wedding package that you don’t need.

You can also discuss further about modifications to the wedding package so that it can be adjusted to your preferences. By using a wedding package, then you will not be too complicated in taking care of many things about the wedding event.

Best Wedding Villa in Bali

If you love serenity and natural beauty as elements of your wedding, then you can count on Villa Beji Indah as your Bali destination wedding. Get stunning forest and river views and easy access to Ubud Monkey Forest and other Ubud tourist destinations.

For wedding operations, you don’t need to worry because the organizer team will be responsive and provide professional services for you. To enhance the ambiance of your wedding, there is a beautiful garden that is well-managed. There are also a variety of culinary delights made with quality ingredients.

If you need an intimate wedding feel, then you can rely on Villa Beji Indah as your best wedding venue choice. Not only for weddings, you can also come here for gatherings with colleagues, corporate events, birthday events, and so on.

Get an amazing wedding experience with the backdrop of beautiful flowing water and a garden paradise at Villa Beji Indah. You can complete the wedding moment with a treat of natural visual beauty that can make you comfortable all day in this villa area. Because it is located in the Ubud area, you can continue your activities to a variety of the best interesting destinations in Ubud.

Although Ubud is a busy town, the location of this villa is very peaceful and relaxing. To ensure the comfort and success of your wedding, the staff and manager will assist with professional services. The villa is strategically positioned for guests to enjoy the beautifully landscaped gardens and have adequate privacy between guests.

More than that, you can experience relaxation and yoga too at Villa Beji Indah. Relaxation by the river is an experience you don’t always get and you can get it here. Bali destination wedding need to be carefully considered in terms of budget, location, and comfort.

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