Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Bali Wedding: Everything You Need to Know

Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Bali Wedding: Everything You Need to Know

Does your dream wedding involve a heavenly landscape and warm weather on a tropical land? If your answer is “yes”, consider saying “I do” in Bali. The island of God has been chosen by many lovebirds as it offers not only a romantic and unforgettable wedding but also a memorable vacation for everyone in attendance. In addition to the picturesque scenery, the procedure for Bali Wedding is fairly clear and easy and does not cost as much as in most countries. The more reasons for people from around the world to exchange their vows here, mostly from Australia, China, and India. For Australians, a Bali wedding is accessible so the travel will not be bothersome for the couple and the guests.

Why Bali Popular as Wedding Destination

Majestic Natural Landscape and Warm Weather

Before it was popular as a wedding destination, Bali has always been a famous tourist spot. The island has been recognized as one of the most popular destinations in the world on the “TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award” since 2017. The winners of the award are destinations whose hotels, restaurants and things to do received first-rate reviews and opinions on the platform over 12 months. In 2024, it once again made the list together with 25 other winners, including Dubai, Hanoi, and London.

Bali is drenched in sunshine and beauty, as well as a unique and vibrant culture. With a backdrop of pristine beaches, cascading waterfalls, lush highlands, and soothing rice paddies, it is a fairy tale setting for your wedding day. Moreover, it will also make an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Due to its location near the equator, Bali’s temperature is guaranteed to be warm and humid all year round. It is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Bali only experiences two seasons, which are dry and wet. The dry season runs from April to October and is considered the best time to visit the island. The temperature is quite steady with less humidity, the beaches are generally clean, and when a sprinkling of rain may occasionally happen, it is usually short and followed by even clearer skies, a perfect background for your wedding pictures.

The wet season in Bali means constant downpours and higher humidity. The sea and beaches can be quite dirty but the landscape is especially beautiful this season, with vibrant green rice fields and jungles.

Cultural Richness

Furthermore, the rich culture of Bali will always leave you in awe. Balinese culture and traditional religion, which is Hindu Dharma, impact almost every aspect of life. Beautiful art pieces and performances can easily be spotted in every corner of the island. Take “Canang Sari” as an example, one of the religious offerings that you can spot the moment you step out of Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is a colorful small box made of an agricultural product that smells flowery, usually placed on a corner of a room or in front of a building, as a gesture of gratitude and surrender to God. Additionally, a great number of traditional dances, including Kecak and Barong, can be easily found performing every day. There are also important ceremonies and holidays, such as “Nyepi”, “Galungan” and “Kuningan”.

There are over 20,000 Hindu temples in Bali, known as “Pura”, that have a specific function and rituality. They are arranged according to the physical and spiritual realm of Balinese Hinduism. The temples add a magical touch to the already magnificent landscape of Bali.

Bali Resort Wedding, Useful Guide For Your Dream Wedding
Bali Resort Wedding, Useful Guide For Your Dream Wedding

Which Venue Should I Choose?

Bali depends heavily on tourism, so you can expect warm hospitality and top-notch service. It offers plenty of luxury hotels and resorts and they make very good use of their locations, offering remarkable setups for those planning to make Bali their wedding destination. The astounding natural setting ranging from beaches to mountains allows you to decide which spot is the best as your wedding venue. Deciding the perfect venue may be difficult when it comes to Bali since the choices are endless and equally attractive.

What to Expect in Beachside Wedding?

As home to many stupendous beaches, a beachfront wedding in Bali may be the first venue that comes to mind. Imagine standing with your feet under the crisp soft sand and feeling the fresh breeze with the sound of gentle waves breaking the shore, surrounded by your loved ones under a clear blue sky. Opting for this venue lets you experience it on some of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches in the world. In addition, hotels and resorts usually have part of the beaches exclusively for them allowing you to have a quite private ceremony.

Why Cliffside Wedding Popular?

Another setting to pick is a cliffside wedding. A wedding experience on the island’s cliffside will always leave you in awe; it provides a phenomenal view of the ragged cliff created by years of powerful waves crashing against it, a stunning beach, and crystal-clear seawater. The popular clifftop venues sit on the southern tip of the island, known as Bukit, which means hill in Indonesian. It is famous for its spectacular cliffs overlooking the ocean. The greenery of the cliff and the beautiful colors of the ultimate sunset will make your wedding photos postcard-worthy.

Why People Love Forest-view Wedding?

Moreover, a forest-view venue will give you a more calming, relaxing, and intimate wedding. The blend of lush green tropical trees, emerald rice paddies, deep river valleys, and cooling breeze create a whimsical and mesmerizing setting for your special day. The whole ceremony will also be more private as the forest wedding is typically held in a villa, not as open as those in the hotels.

Why is the private villas the best option for bali wedding venues?

People often choose a private villa wedding mainly for privacy and exclusivity. An intimate ceremony in a tranquil garden with no strangers in attendance will become your secluded paradise. Furthermore, your event will be held peacefully with a minimum risk of noise or disruptions from other events. Private villas also offer a range of facilities that will make you and your guests comfortable, including expansive outdoor areas, luxurious indoor spaces, and private pools, like the ones in Villa Beji Indah.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do; when in Bali, do as the Balinese do. Whichever venue you choose, why not go the extra mile with a traditional Balinese blessing ceremony? Although you cannot have a real Balinese-Hindu wedding, you can request a Balinese wedding element setting incorporated into your wedding theme. This includes Balinese prayer fags, traditional flowers, and gamelan or bamboo ensembles. Likewise, the make-up and dress can be tailored accordingly.

Bali Villa Wedding, The Ideal Solution For Wedding Venues
Bali Villa Wedding, The Ideal Solution For Wedding Venues

What to Consider Before Picking Venue?

Before deciding on the venue, there are several factors you need to pay attention to.

Setting a Wedding budget

Setting a budget is at the top of the list when organizing an event, including your Bali wedding. When you and your partner know your limit, you can continue deciding the next matters, like how many guests will be invited, what menu to serve, which photographer and make-up artists to use and the list goes on. You can also decide on which theme will be used that matches your budget, preference, and venue.

Choosing a Wedding theme

Choosing a theme is the first step in creating the atmosphere for your event. In Bali, there are at least four kinds of themes you can use for the perfect setting.


Traditional theme is perfect for couples who value the richness of Balinese culture. Imagine a magical relaxing forest as a background with a colorful Balinese umbrella, local flowers plus beautiful Balinese flower girls as you and your significant other share your first dance, your celebration will be exceptional and authentic.


Opting for Bali beaches as the venue lets you have a tropical theme that explores the allure of beachfront ceremonies, including the soothing sound of waves, sandy shores, and of course splendid ocean views. The decoration of this theme will not need much since nature already plays its part. A simple ceremony with all-white tents and ornaments with simple yet elegant attires will be a perfect scene for your wedding.

Bali’s lush gardens

Meanwhile, if you and your partner prefer to embrace nature, you may find solace in Bali’s lush gardens. Consider a garden wedding with natural greenery, seclusion, and the opportunity for a more intimate celebration surrounded by nature’s embrace. This theme is also perfect if you want to have a traditional Bali wedding, as the ornaments will blend perfectly with the color of the green surroundings and blue sky.


Modern theme is also quite popular as some couples still want to keep a touch with the contemporary charm of urban settings. Urban venues that include upscale resorts and stylist locations are available for those with a fondness for modern elegance. It is important to remember that before making any decision, you have to make sure to prioritize preferences and wishes so the bills will not go over your budget.

Bali Villa Wedding - Villa Beji Indah in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
Bali Villa Wedding – Villa Beji Indah in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Bali Villa Wedding

Bali is wealthy with villas that can accommodate weddings, including Villa Beji Indah. Located in the distinctively beautiful village of Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, the villa is a stunning venue for your private wedding. Located in the center part of Bali, Ubud is the perfect choice for healing and relaxation where culture and glorious vistas fill every waking moment. You can spot offerings adorning the streets, handicrafts, lush green tropical jungle terraced rice fields, aging Hindu temples, and shrines, plus a hypnotic tune of gamelan as the background music. It provides insight into the magical Balinese way of life as it shows the most authentic part of Bali in the best way possible.

Ubud Villa Wedding

Originally a small village, Ubud has now transformed into a thriving yet laid-back cosmopolitan community that provides modern facilities to accommodate more and more tourists. In addition to its enchanted nature scenes, it offers luxury hotels and villas, as well as fine dining restaurants and spas; the perfect choice to pamper your body and soul after a long ceremonial day.

Villa Beji Indah is only a short walk away from the center of Ubud. It is a large property that is surrounded by a lush forest and a river. There are many beautiful spaces for different uses, including multi-wedding venues, pools, flowing rivers, gardens, and outdoor and indoor spaces.

Why Choose Villa as Wedding Venue?

Bali Villa Wedding is mainly popular for couples who want a little more private setting for their big day. Booking a private Villa ensures you have privacy and exclusivity that you will not get from public venues, such as hotels or open outdoor spaces. The guests in attendance will be the ones we invite, so we can feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Another captivating reason to choose a private Villa is you can bring your ideas for what the wedding would be in life. While public venues may have some restrictions, a private villa allows you to decorate and pick every detail, from selecting the menu and choosing the flowers to your make-up and attire, to making your dream wedding visible.

Private villas usually come with a load of amenities that are exclusively available to you and tour guests. From pools to meditation pavilions, those features will make your wedding not just a one-day event but also an extended vacation in a stunning spot.

Private Villa Wedding’s advantages

The advantages offered by private villas, such as Villa Beji Indah, will elevate your wedding experience with extravagance and convenience like no other. Located in the center of Ubud City, Villa Beji Indah is a stunning venue for your intimate wedding. The villa can welcome up to 70 guests, with 26 guests staying on-site. It has a magical surrounding of lush forest and a sacred river, a perfect backdrop for your once-in-a-lifetime event. The property is large with an abundance of beautiful spaces for different uses, including 11 rooms, 7 ponds, 4 meditation pavilions, 3 swimming pools, and 2 yoga shalas.

Should I Take Wedding Package?

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting moments of your life, but knowing that you will have vast and endless options can be very overwhelming sometimes. Particularly when you are a stranger to Bali who has no idea about the budget, venue, food, and many other lists. Since weddings may require a lot of things, taking a wedding package is a great idea when you are planning to have a Bali wedding. It will provide every element of your dream wedding, to ensure that your experience is well organized and stress-free. There are hundreds of Bali wedding packages to choose no matter how much your budget is or what venue you want to use.

bali wedding packages all inclusive

A wedding package in a private villa like Villa Beji Indah, will give you assistance that can make your wedding planning more doable and enjoyable. It usually includes a dedicated wedding planner to help with the whole planning process, from venue selection and decoration theme to catering and entertainment. The wedding planner can also assist you with arranging based on taste and money, ensuring that everything is accustomed to your detailed needs.

Villa Beji Indah offers benefits if you use their inclusive wedding package directly to the venue. The package will include a venue, food and beverage, decoration, guest accommodation, and a free honeymoon villa. Customization options are available and you will get a free night for the survey. What a one-stop service.

Bali Wedding Cost Breakdown For Planning Your Dream Wedding
Bali Wedding Cost Breakdown For Planning Your Dream Wedding

How Much Does Bali Wedding Cost?

Bali weddings are fairly cheaper than in other countries. But it is not that cheap. The cost of a Bali wedding can differ greatly depending on where you want to hold it, what kind of function you would like to have, and of course the number of guests attending.
Moreover, your wedding budget will also go to the catering and decorations. Selecting the right menu for your guests and which flower you would like to use determine how much you spend. In general, to save more money, opting for bundle services from a wedding package can significantly lower your expenses. These packages often come with discounted rates compared to using separate vendors for each service.

Villa Beji Indah offers affordable price and inclusive pricing, which makes it the right choice for you. You will get a better deal since all of the vendors are from the same place.

To prepare for anything that goes outside the plan, you must add emergency funds while calculating the costs. Last-minute changes or unforeseen expenses happen at any time, and you want to be prepared for it.

Experience Wedding in Bali

Bali offers hundreds of luxury hotels, villas, and resorts that are available not only for vacation but also as wedding venues. Marriage is an event that is hoped to be a once-in-lifetime event so loving couples want only the best for their wedding day. To accommodate the demand, the lodgings are competing to give their all to attract more customers, resulting in the best facilities served.

Additionally, the venues provide all-inclusive wedding packages that cover everything you need in a wedding. What makes it better, it comes at an affordable price. Picture yourself and your loved one face to face ready to exchange your vow, being witnessed by family and friends in an emerald green surrounding under a clear blue sky, yet you spend less than in your home country.

What to Prepare Before D-Day?

Can I Have a Legal Wedding?

You can have an official or legal wedding in Bali. The registration is not expensive and the procedure is quite clear and simple. To be legally married, you are obligated to have both religious and civil ceremonies that must be held at the same location on the same day. The couples also must be in the same religion, or else one needs to sign a letter that she/he intends to marry in one of the religions without any force, the letter should be legalized by your consulate office or local government.

There are also some documents needed, such as copies of passports, birth certificates, and the passport of two witnesses. You also need to visit your home country’s embassy to register your wedding and receive a letter of non-impediment.

Why Work with Local Wedding Planner?

It is best to work with local wedding planner companies for your Bali wedding. They are native, professional, and understand the fields. They will transform your dream wedding into reality and handle every little detail as you and your partner focus on the big day. You can contact directly the venue’s owner to get to know the all-inclusive packages.

What about Guest Accommodation?

When planning a wedding far from your home country, you need to think about guest accommodations and travel considerations. While it may seem pricey, booking a villa lets you accommodate your guests’ stay.

Villa Beji Indah offers spacious accommodations with outdoor swimming pools and free Wi-Fi. The villa also has a restaurant serving Indonesian and Western dishes. The property is decorated in a modern Balinese style with air-conditioned rooms. Guest services include laundry service, tour arrangement, and car rental.

Living a Dream Wedding

Famous for imposing natural environments and world-class services, it is no wonder Bali has become a popular wedding destination for people around the world. Villa Beji Indah offers a Balinese sacred venue and luxury services that will give you a unique, inclusive, and memorable wedding experience. You can go with their wedding package, with the all-inclusive option, so the preparation for your big day will be on track and convenient.

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