Bali Wedding Cost Breakdown For Planning Your Dream Wedding

Bali Wedding Cost Breakdown For Planning Your Dream Wedding

One important aspect of weddings is the cost, wedding costs can vary depending on the venue, facilities, organizer service, capacity, and so on. Bali can be your best wedding destination, this is one of the Indonesian islands that has many amazing charms. So how about the Bali wedding cost? We will give you a thorough breakdown of wedding costs in Bali.

Get to Know Bali Wedding Costs for the Best Wedding Preparation

Before you plan your wedding any further, you need to have a good understanding of the costs. Many types of costs need to be taken into account, if you want to save more, then you can make certain cost elements lower. But for certain key wedding needs, you may not be able to keep costs down.

Guest capacity is one of the important elements to consider, for a simple intimate wedding, then you may not need to spend much. Bali wedding cost would be higher if you are having a large-scale wedding or with a large guest capacity.

By knowing what the cost breakdown is, we can more easily modify the wedding elements. We may not need excessive decorations because we have chosen a location that has a pretty view. Instead of choosing a star hotel location as a wedding venue, you can consider a villa to be more economical.

The best wedding doesn’t have to be extravagant and make you spend a lot of money. With a simple approach to weddings, you can save yourself the hassle of organizing your wedding and save money at the same time. So, before implementing your wedding plan, find out about the average cost of wedding in Bali in various aspects.

How Much Does a Bali Wedding Cost?

In planning any wedding, there will certainly be quite a lot of elements. Harmonizing each wedding element can make a wedding event run as expected. Investigating the various key aspects of a wedding event should be done at the outset. You can learn some of the following cost elements that contribute to a wedding event.

– Wedding Venue Fee

One of which is the cost of renting or preparing a specific location as a wedding venue. In Bali, there are quite a lot of options for your wedding venue, you can choose between villas, resorts, beachfront hotels, lush outdoor areas in Bali village areas, and so on. Each of them is worthy of being the venue of your dream wedding.

Each wedding venue can have a different guest capacity so do your research. So what is the average cost of a Bali wedding venue? It varies a lot, especially between simple venues and luxury venues. However, you should expect to pay between $4,000-10,000. You can choose a villa as one of the cost-effective venue recommendations for your wedding.

– Cost For Wedding Organizer/ Planner

To make our wedding preparations easier, it is advisable to get help from a professional planner or organizer. Using an event planner is optional and may not be necessary if the venue provides a wedding package. But if you get professional help like this, then you will not be burdened with most of the wedding affairs.

Bali wedding cost for a wedding planner can vary greatly because it can depend on the overall value. It is better to allocate 10-15 percent of the overall budget to use the services of a professional wedding organizer. So what do wedding planners/organizers do?

Although there are slight differences between each company, they generally coordinate vendors, prepare venues, manage wedding operations, and so on.

– Cost For Lodging Accommodation

Many guests have to find a place to stay either before or after the event. Especially for relatives or family, the cost of lodging accommodation, and travel expenses must be planned. In Bali, you can find a variety of lodging accommodations ranging from simple to upscale.

Your Bali wedding cost can be reduced by considering more cost-friendly accommodation. Knowing the average cost for this accommodation may be quite difficult especially if you are using a wedding package which is usually the solution for many married couples. To save on this one expense, you can consider a wedding package that includes the wedding event as well as lodging accommodation.

– Wedding Decoration Cost

Decorations are another important element in a wedding event. You may have your preferences for wedding decorations so you can discuss them with the venue or vendors. The wedding décor itself can vary greatly, you may want the venue to be filled with beautiful flower arrangements, elegant décor style, all green, and so on.

About how much it costs on average to decorate, between $2,000-5,000. To save costs, you may not need to over-decorate if you utilize Bali’s stunning natural panorama as a backdrop. If the decoration is too much, it might disturb the harmonization of Bali’s natural beauty in the venue. So, you may only need to spend $500-1,500 if you want simple decorations.

– Wedding Catering Cost

You can also freely customize the catering needs for your wedding. Many wedding venues provide a variety of Balinese specialty cuisines and you can consider them to provide your uniqueness. Aside from the dietary preferences of the guests, make sure that the catering provided is suitable for the capacity of the guests.

Prepare a little more catering portion than you should in anticipation. The cost of wedding catering per person is $30-100. The cost of catering can vary greatly as it depends on what the menu items are, and how many. Bali wedding cost can be higher if you want to complement the wedding catering with a bar.

– Videography/Photography Fee

You also need to budget for videography or photography to ensure your precious moments are captured properly. You can flexibly decide on the duration of the video, the type of presentation, and various post-production services. Usually, the cost for these professional services is between $2,000-6,000.

It’s a pity if you don’t get help from professionals in taking wedding pictures and videos because Bali has amazing panoramas. If you want simple photography, then you might be able to save around $1,000.

– Costs For Wedding Entertainment

You also need to consider the entertainment at the wedding event. One that is commonly implemented at weddings is a live band. They will present a live performance with a variety of romantic music and the song list can also be customized according to your preferences.

But not just live bands, many other entertainment offerings can be considered such as DJ performances, traditional dances, and other Balinese cultural performances. Instead of live performances, you can also just prepare a fireworks display that can still enliven the event.

About how much it costs, it can vary based on the category of entertainment you choose and how long the show lasts. For wedding entertainment needs, you can prepare $1,500-5,000. The entertainment element can increase the good vibes and the guests will not get bored easily.

For a simple entertainment performance, you can even budget $500-1,000. Customize the entertainment with your wedding concept.

– Costs For Wedding Attire

For wedding attire, you can choose from a wide range of options such as wedding suits, and wedding dresses that come in a variety of designs. But you can also consider traditional Balinese attire to reinforce the cultural value. Bali wedding cost for wedding attire will depend on the type of attire, additional accessories, fashion style, and associated designer/provider.

The cost of wedding attire can vary so much that it can be difficult to calculate an average. Not only about the main outfit, but the cost will also depend on makeup, shoes, jewelry, hair styling, and so on.

– Expenses For Wedding Invitations

You’ll need to give out invitations to the guests you’ve planned to invite. The cost for wedding invitations can vary depending on the invitation design, printing company, shipping costs (if needed), and the number of invitations, the cost range is between $500-1,500.

Don’t forget to also prepare stationery, guest books, and so on. To be more economical, you can consider digital wedding invitations which are now increasingly being used. Not only for Bali wedding cost cheaper but also much easier to share.

In addition to the fees above, you may also need to spend on certain administrative costs or legal requirements. Also, consider taking out insurance to cover any unforeseen events. If you are quite confused about how much does a Bali wedding cost, you can consider an all-inclusive wedding package that covers most of the wedding preparations.

Save Bali Wedding Cost with Bali Wedding Villas

Bali wedding cost is one of the main considerations in organizing a wedding in Bali. You can consider various aspects to save your costs such as choosing a Bali villa as your wedding venue. One of the recommended Bali villas that you can rely on as a wedding venue is Villa Beji Indah located in Ubud, Bali.

Although this is a villa, the area is quite large, so up to 70 guests can attend a wedding at this villa location. For the wedding location, you can choose between near the pond, the riverbank, or the hillside area. Each location has its beautiful landscape for your wedding backdrop. To reduce Bali wedding cost, consider Villa Beji Indah as your best wedding venue.

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