Best Wedding Venues in Bali 2024

Best Wedding Venues in Bali 2024

Marriage is a sacred thing that is done only once in a lifetime. Regarding the wedding, we also have to think about the right venue that can make the atmosphere much more memorable and warm, both for the couple and for the guests. Bali wedding venues offer the best experience for those who want to hold a wedding event that feels more intimate, and fun and brings a more memorable atmosphere for everyone.

About Villa Beji Indah

Villa Beji Indah is one of the best Bali wedding venues that has a stunning view, as well as being able to offer a venue for your wedding that will feel much more intimate. The grounds are spacious and can even accommodate up to 70 of your guests.

In here, you can have a wedding ceremony session with a beautiful background, ranging from river banks, gardens, and swimming pools to hillsides. Of course, this kind of setting can give a magical impression to your wedding event and can make your once-in-a-lifetime moment more luxurious and memorable.

Together with us, you can customize your wedding according to your ideal and dream wedding. Let us know, and we will make what you’ve been dreaming of come true.

A Brief History of Villa Beji Indah

A brief history of Villa Beji Indah, which is one of the best Bali wedding venues in Bali. It was started by Steve Wignall, who was a doctor, AIDS activist, and former US Navy medical officer, who came to Indonesia 26 years ago. In 2007 he began acquiring and renovating three villas that he bought as a place to retire.

Known as one of the finest Bali wedding venues, Villa Beji Indah, located in the village of Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, is known as an integrated and pedestrian-friendly village, and is one of the most authentic villages in Bali. The environment is very clean and tranquil, giving the place an old-world Balinese vibe.

If you want to have a wedding with a sacred atmosphere and feel like you’re in paradise, this is the place to choose. Here you can find villas surrounded by many beautiful green plants and can provide privacy to those of you who want to hold a wedding comfortably, safely, and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Here you can get the best tropical wedding session. It will start with the preparations done in a separate villa, and then it will be followed by the couple’s photo session. For those of you who want to realize your dream wedding, you can make it come true at Villa Beji Indah Ubud which is one of the best Bali wedding venues today.

Why You Must Choose Villa Beji Indah Bali?

Why should you choose Villa Beji Indah Ubud as your wedding ceremony venue? The following are some of the reasons why you should choose this venue, apart from the fact that it is one of the Bali wedding venues that offers you a stunning view of course.

  • Villa Beji Indah itself is a private retreat located in the Nyuh Kuning village which has unique looks and offers incredible natural beauty for you. The place itself can be reached by foot, and will not take long, as it is close to the center of Ubud.
  • The venue can accommodate up to 70 guests and can accommodate up to 25 guests staying on-site.
  • There are 11 bedrooms, 7 pools, 4 pavilions for meditation, 3 swimming pools, and 2 Yoga Shalas.
  • Here you will find a breathtaking stretch of river that will make your wedding even more sacred added by the lush and green element scenic from the Nyuh Kuning in Ubud, Bali.
  • A team of professional and friendly staff can assist you to ensure that all services are properly prepared for your wedding.
  • There is a wide selection of healthy and delicious meals, with options for those with special dietary needs. All of the food is freshly prepared as well and dishes such as yogurt and jams are homemade, using safe, quality, local ingredients.
  • Provide a team to assist you in arranging your wedding transportation, so that your event can run smoothly and comfortably for you and all your guests.
  • There are very flexible price packages to realize your dream Bali wedding venues with various themes, and scales.

7 Types of Rooms that You Can Choose

Here, you will find 7 villa room options that can be customized according to the needs you have. Here are 7 room options that you can choose from.

1. Deluxe Suite (Lotus)

This type of room has an area of about 60 to 100 square meters. It is equipped with 1 bed and there is also space for one more bed.

These spacious rooms come with a semi-outdoor themed bathroom with a shower and a terrace overlooking the tropical garden.

This room will have spectacular views of the garden and hills. It also comes with a separate living room, terrace, safe and telephone.

2. Grand Deluxe Suite with Private Pool (Arjuna)

Equipped with 100 square meters of space and furnished with a king-size bed and 1 double bed.

This suite comes with a private pool, a separate living room, and a terrace that will give you a beautiful view of the garden, river, hills, and pool.

3. Superior Room (Yudistira, Bima)

In this room itself, you will find 2 rooms that have a very unique look that we call BIMA and YUDISTIRA.

BIMA has a traditional concept, having two floors. On the upper floor, there is a bedroom and also a living room. The room has no walls and is only closed by using bamboo curtains. On the lower floor, you will find a beautiful bathroom with a sitting room. Both floors can already give you a beautiful and extraordinary garden view.

The Yudistira type is a private suite that sits at the end of this large property. This section will have stunning views and is the most secluded of all the units.

All rooms will be equipped with a wide range of modern appliances, except for the TV. Also included is wi-fi which can be used for free.

4. Standard Suite (Sandat)

Up to 40 square meters of space with a queen-size bed. This standard room will give you a beautiful view of the lush garden.

Sandat itself is located next to the kitchen. So here, you will be served before any other room. This room is also perfect for those who are very sociable and may want to get to know the staff.

5. Deluxe Suite (Nakula)

This is a 60-100 square meter room with 1 bed and room for one more bed!

These spacious rooms already have a semi-outdoor bathroom that can give you a whole new bathing experience, complete with a shower and a terrace built overlooking the tropical garden section.

The room also has a view of the garden and the hills that will give you an amazing experience when you are indoors.

6. Grand Deluxe Suite with Private Pool (Sahadewa)

In this room, you will find a room with an area of up to 100 square meters equipped with 1 King bed & 1 double bed.

This suite is equipped with a private swimming pool, which can make it much more comfortable for you to swim. There is also a separate living room with a terrace section that offers the best views of the garden, hills, and pond.

7. Standard Suite (Cempaka, Bimasena)

This room itself features a 40-meter room with a queen-sized bed.

This standard room of course also has a very beautiful view, as you can see the lush garden from this room.

Cempaka itself is located on the first floor of the first villa. When you are here, you can see a very wide view from the top. This makes you feel like you are in a tree house.

As for the room with type, Bimasena itself is a room that is very suitable for those of you who are couples or single, with a view that is also extraordinary. is a very beautiful room.


Here are some testimonials given by our guests, which might give you an insight into the experience of having a wedding at Beji Indah Villa.

“Here we can realize our dream wedding, with beautiful scenery and will make the atmosphere more memorable”. Monica Rambeu

“Super pleasant service, fast response and very professional, providing the best experience for guests”. Alexis Texas

“The rooms are extremely comfortable, well equipped with great facilities, and the view is breathtaking”. Ashlynn Brooke

“The best Bali wedding venues that come for those of you who want to present a wedding with extraordinary magical views and certainly can make everyone amazed by the wedding party that you live here”. Carrie Underwood


If you are looking for the best Bali wedding venues that can provide the best wedding experience, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately, because we have everything you need, such as professional staff, beautiful scenery, and food menus that are made fresh and delicious. So, contact us immediately to realize your dream wedding.

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